Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Botox, facial fillers, dermal fillers, vitamin therapy, and other injectables that should clear up some general concerns. If you have any other lingering questions, please don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation with us today!

What specific concerns can be treated?

BOTOX® Cosmetic can be used to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Some of the most commonly targeted areas of concerns include frown lines, corners of the mouth, brow, forehead, and crow’s feet. In dentistry, BOTOX is used to treat temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), facial pain, bruxism, issues with orthodontic relapse, and removable prosthetics (dentures).

How long is the treatment?

Administered right here in the comfort and convenience of our office, Botox, facial fillers, and other dermal filler injections can generally be performed in half an hour or less, depending on the number of targeted areas being addressed. In fact, we’ve had several patients receive treatment over their lunch break.

Is there any recovery or downtime?

Recovery or downtime following treatment is rare, though some degree of bruising and/or swelling in the targeted areas is common. That said, these side effects should fade relatively quickly, and most patients are able to return to work and/or normal daily routines as soon as they leave our office.

Who performs the injections?

Anays Suarez administers all of the BOTOX® injections. She received highly specialized training by one of the nation’s leading Aesthetic injectors and board certified Plastic Surgeons, David Funt, Anays’s areas of expertise include non-surgical facial rejuvenation with her distinctive injection technique.

Is Botox, facial fillers, dermal fillers, and vitamin therapy painful?

Anays Suarez takes great care in minimizing any potential pain or discomfort with patients. When asked, the majority of individuals say they experienced little to no discomfort at all.

How quickly will results appear, and how long will they last?

The revitalizing effects of Botox, facial fillers, dermal fillers, and vitamin therapy may take up to two weeks to become fully apparent, and they can often last for several months. To maintain ideal results, touch-up treatments can be received on a periodic basis.

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